Mentor and jewelry consultant, Kristin Hanson carefully curated the Design Mentorship Workshop to guild budding  jewelry designers on how to take their collection to the next level. Design fine jewelry far beyond your bench skill. What if anything you think of was possible?

This is a one on one consultation workshop focused on each students individual needs and goals. Learn to look at jewelry as more of an art form, a drawing, painting or sculpture. Kristin will walk you through the process of design and help guild you to your new collection.

Sessions 1 to 4 focuses on design, visualization and concept of your collection, your style, your brand. Execution of designs begin in sessions 5 to 8 program. This includes engineering and CAD models, casting, fabrication, gemstones, diamonds and much more. Session 8 to 12 focuses on brand development, including website, social media, photography, story telling and sales preparation. Extended programs are available for qualified students and all IJEWL manufacturing is crafted in the NYC jewelry district. 

Jewelry Design Sessions 1 to 4 • visualize • concept development • drawing • painting • collage art • painting • collage art • photography • story telling • jewelry de...
Jewelry Design - 4 session workshop
1 hr
Production Development Sessions 4 to 8 Gems • intro to diamonds • engineering • CAD models • fabrication • manufacturing development • collection development Begin to ...
Production Development - 8 sessions
1 hr
Building your Brand Sessions 8 to 12 pricing strategy • finding clients • brand identity • website • social media • production insights • line sheets • look books • mar...
Build your Brand - 12 sessions
1 hr