What can be more romantic than designing your own wedding bands. Kristin Hanson will take you step by step through the process of design with your partner to learn how create your dream wedding collection. This 2 session class will discuss how to explore styles, diamond setting, measurements and exactly how to create the blueprint for your custom wedding band design. Kristin will help you curate the best wedding band to match your engagement ring and for your lifestyle.

Join the Wedding Band Class as a couple and explore together how to design your new family heirloom jewelry. Custom engagement rings, diamonds consultations available upon request.



Learn how to create beautiful sentimental charms that can be made into a necklace, earring, cufflink or bracelet designs. This unique workshop is open to artists of all ages and levels. Discover how to look closer at the details in your own life to find tiny sentimental objects that can be cast in brass, silver or gold. Bling out your charms with Swarovski, gemstones or diamonds. Charm me is a fun and a great way to capture your unique style in a keepsake, timeless bobble that can be passed down for generation.

Charm Me ijewl workshop provides students a way to make a collection of great charms that make perfect gifts, bridal party accessories or a fun new addition to your jewelry collection.