Kristin's jewelry studio was always busy with budding designers. Now students can learn from home without years of training and equipment.

Kristin Hanson

Kristin Hanson studied bench jewelry for six years with German trained master jewelers in the US and Italy.

Learn to fly

Kristin's vision was always to create everything by hand herself, which she did for many years.

In the press

Kristin started her first jewelry school in 2002, in her small Brooklyn apartment.

Student turned teacher

Since then Kristin Hanson has taught over 8000 students the art of hand crafting jewelry.


Kristin's designs and unique educational program gained her recognition as a leader in the fine jewelry industry.

Studio clips

We will take you inside the master jewelers studio to learn how your jewelry is being made.

Harper's Bazar China

Kristin's designs won her the coveted position as one of America's top designer, along with Harry Winston and Tiffany.

International students

She has taught students from all over the world the art of hand crafting jewelry.

Color Diamonds

Find your niche. Kristin found hers in the magic of natural color diamonds.

Build a collection

Learn how to build a real collection of fine jewelry by exploring who you are as a designer.

Finding inspiration

One of the first steps in creating a collection is finding inspiration from your own experiences.


Kristin's engagement ring designs have been getting a lot of press in bridal magazines.

Celebrity adorn

Kristin's jewelry is always adorning celebrities on the red carpet.

Argyle pink diamonds

Kristin is an Argyle pink diamond dealer and specialist. Learn about this beyond rare treasure.

Story telling

Learn to tell a story. Kristin's Skyline collection was featured in JCK magazine with Rio Tinto diamonds.


Design stackable rings or your own wedding bands. ijewl studio can handcraft your designs at a discount, we are a manufacturer not a retailer.

Love what you do.

Express yourself with color. Learn to paint and draw your ideas for engineering.

Engagement Ring

Kristin designs gorgeous engagement rings and wedding collection for private clients. As a diamond dealer, she has access to the worlds most important stones.

The bench

Although benchwork is exciting, real designers don't have time to hand craft their work themselves.

Yellow diamonds

As a specialist in color, students learn the most intricate details of color gemstones and diamonds from a designers perspective.


ijewl kits include Swarovski CZ samples so you can learn to work with gems and diamonds.


What bench work does teach you is how to engineer your designs. Learn everything you need to know to create your blueprint off the bench.


Learning how to use basic tools to carve wax at home will be apart of your sculpting class. No studio necessary.

Draw draw draw

The key is to draw. A designer is an artist, a visionary. An architect is not the builder. Learn to be an artist.


Learn how to use gemstones and diamonds in your designs.

City life

NYC is full of amazing inspirations. Use photography and scrapbooks as tools to find inspiration.


Visit the inner circle ijewl master jeweler studios in NYC.

Painting 1

Being an artist is not about technical painting, it's about art. This necklace painting was created by my 6 year old niece, Saige.

Painting 2

Explore designing with color, all classes include drawing and painting kits for your workshop.

Intro to cutting

Field trips to some of the most renowned diamond cutting studios in NY.

Pink Diamonds

Learn all about Kristin's favorite, pink diamonds.

Sorting and measuring

Learn how to chose your stones for your designs, carefully and mathematically.


Learn how to produce a collection for production, pricing, sourcing, designing for retailers.


Love what you do!